Style Maverick ISTP Strengths

Style Maverick ISTP has a novel and nifty approach to life - and style

Style Maverick ISTPs are flexible problem solvers, taking an uncomplicated and easy-going approach to life. Preferring not to star gaze into any number of possible futures, they are at their best when they can place their attention on the immediate, bringing a straightforward directness to space’s they inhabit. The Style Maverick ISTP has a number of key, and very interesting, style strengths.

What’s Really Important

Style is a tool the stylish ISTP uses to help her achieve more in the areas that are most important to her. She may never spend a lot of time, energy or other resources on her style, but once she’s on board with the idea that style is indeed important, she’ll use it like any other tool in her toolkit.

Nifty and Novel

Not especially interested in big shopping center environments, the Style Maverick ISTP will follow her nose to find more interesting and artisan shopping experiences, where something a little bit different can be found. She likes clothing that nobody else is wearing, and for many reasons may avoid mass-produced fast fashion. Our ISTP interviewee told us how much of her clothes shopping is done on vacation, when she gets to shop in out-of-the-way places she can’t find at home, enjoying the hand-made and the unusual, things she’d never find in her local shopping mall.

No Nonsense

Well, that phrase sums up the Style Maverick ISTP in a nutshell. The IST part of her style type code brings this. She is indeed a no-nonsense zone, and this applies to her style strengths as well. The stylish ISTP turns taking a streamlined and straightforward approach to style into an artform.

What’s the Weather

Style Maverick ISTPs are often engaged in many physical activities, especially those that require they be outside. This is the hallmark of many people with SP in their style type code. Their wardrobes and style approach reflects this connection to the environment, and a key style strength is an attunement with that environment, knowing just what to wear to get the most out of any activity.

Variety Show

Easily bored like other Ps, Style Maverick ISTPs seek variety in many areas of their lives, and a key style strength lies exactly here: creating a variety of looks from a small, streamlined wardrobe which may contain pieces purchased off the beaten path. True versatility.

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