Why ISTPs Have a Streamlined Approach to Style

ISTP Style Type - how does the ISTP approach style

Taking a laid-back and uncomplicated approach to life, ISTPs are flexible problem solvers.  When they can place their attention on the immediate – versus anything requiring too much star gazing into any number of possible futures – ISTPs bring a straightforward directness to the world’s they inhabit.  The ISTP style essence balances a need to wear something a bit different with a desire to ‘turn style off’ as other more interesting things take their attention.

ISTP Style Essence

An Inch Wide

The ISTP approach to many things could be encapsulated by the phrase: An inch wide and a mile deep.  They can become engrossed by a pursuit – a project, a hobby, a challenge – and they become absolutely absorbed in it, one-tracked and utterly focused.  How this shows up in their style can be in one of two ways.  One – they may simply ignore style as this non-style thing captivates them entirely.  Two – they apply this same approach to style and develop a look and style approach that, too, is an inch wide and a mile deep – with lots of funky pieces, possibly much of a muchness to others, but importantly distinct to them.

ISTPs Have Streamlined Their Approach to Style

Never ones to over-complicate anything, the ISTP approach to style is equally streamlined.  Drama-free zones, their closets are built so they support the busy, and often physical, life the ISTP leads.  The getting-ready-for-the-day process is shipshape, no unnecessary steps or duplication.  Shopping, packing, expressing themselves – it’s all fuss-free.

ISTPs Beat Their Own Style Drum

Walking to the beat of their own drum in many aspects of their lives, ISTPs take this approach to style.  This may show up at the very beginning of the ISTP style journey, with the ISTP needing to be convinced that style should be paid much attention or energy in the first place.  Once on board the style train, the ISTP will pick and choose the style rules, the style dogmas, the style systems she’ll need… and simply ignore what isn’t needed.

The Individualistic Stylist, ISTP: The Style Maverick

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ISTPs are Low Maintenance

ISTPs are often considered low maintenance, they themselves could be defined as “a [human] system which retains proper functionality over long periods of time despite little or no maintenance”. They want their clothing to not require much upkeep – no handwashing or dry clean only items – as well as their overall style approach to truck along nicely without too much interference or expense (of any kind, including the energetic kind).

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