Style Connector ENFJ Strengths

Style Connector ENFJ has an expressive approach to life - and style

Style Connector ENFJs possess rich insights into what makes people tick, are expressive and naturally drawn to people and activities that involve people. Their fabulous style strengths are many and include the following.

First Impressions

Through their natural exuberance, Style Connector ENFJs bring us into their warm and expressive world. They often make a great first impression which lingers long after we’ve said goodbye. Style awareness helps the Style Connector ENFJ to make the most of this quality, by consciously choosing outfits and combinations that create the impression she wants to create – not leaving it to chance.

Matching to the Audience

Skilled at taking the temperature of any room, Style Connector ENFJs will change up their look to suit whomever they are spending time with. Outfits will be dolled up to a more formal level if delivering a presentation, working with a corporate client or attending an important event. Or a more casual spin will be taken to make fellow volunteers or book club members feel everyone is on the same level.

Avoiding Unwanted Surprises

Style Connector ENFJs enjoy being organized in ‘big strokes’ (as opposed to ‘fine detail’ which their SFJ style cousins go for) and in their own way, they appreciate an orderly approach to style.  This results in the Style Connector ENFJ being at her best when she curates a coordinating wardrobe to avoid unwanted surprises.  This also ensures she always has the pieces she needs for the many activities she’s engaged in.

True to Themselves

Looking good is all very well – and the stylishly advanced Style Connector ENFJ wants to look good – but what they’re wearing must be congruent with the person they are. Good style isn’t about wearing the thing that makes the greatest impact no matter what else – good style aligns the inner with the outer. If it doesn’t feel “like me”, the Style Connector ENFJ won’t feel good wearing it.

It Must Mean Something

Not all clothing items have stories attached to them, but many Style Connector ENFJs find that clothing signifies something important to them, and they assign meaning to favorites. It may be the scarf they purchased in Italy, as our ENFJ interviewee told us – making that a ‘forever piece’ that she’ll never get rid of, even if she never wears it ever again, it simply means too much to ever let it go.

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