Exploring Super Styles – What Does Your Wardrobe Look Like?

In contrast to our dream wardrobe can be our actual wardrobe.  We asked on our Facebook Page what your wardrobe looks like and then grouped the responses we received by Super Style – the Super Styles are super helpful: there’s only four groups, instead of the 16 Style Types so you get to take a big picture look at your style:  the SF Style Aesthetician, the ST Style Pragmatist, the NT Style Strategist, and the NF Style Dreamer.

So if you’re looking to get a broad overview of your style essence, the Super Styles are a great place to start.  After that, you’ll need to get a copy of your Style Type Report to give you the details and specific information you need to chart then travel your own authentic style pathway.

In this series of posts exploring the Super Styles, each post takes responses to our Facebook post style questions, so they’re from real women experiencing their real style.

What does your wardrobe look like? Floordrobe? Jumble Sale? High-End Boutique?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • Everything is cramped, but 3 of us (and two dogs) live in 1100 sq ft so this can’t be helped (INTP)
  • Organised- colour blocked- enjoyable. Mostly hanging (ENTP)
  • There’s a system. But. You often can’t find it. Stuff is folded or hung. Then I get busy and it gets stuffed roughly in the direction of where it’s supposed to go. Everything’s ironed, though. And always clean. I never wear anything but jackets twice. Occasionally trousers…if they’re wool. I hate clothes about half the time. What a lot of pfaff you have to go through just to be dressed & presentable (INTP)
  • Small hanging space for what I am wearing in current season is organized by tops, toppers, bottoms and then by color. Sleep wear and exercise wear on shelves. Underwear in 2 small drawers. Scarves on a shelf and in a basket on the shelf. Jewelry in open drawer organizer on a shelf. Another small hanging space for out of season items plus a coat closet. Would do it differently probably if I had designed our closet space! (ENTJ)
  • Skirts in one wardrobe by colour, tops in another by colour, jackets & coats & dresses in a third by colour; out of season stuff in drawers or in another room; handbags stuffed and shelved by colour; shoes in drawers by season and colour, scarves in drawer by weight/season and then colour (not as tidy as I’d like); charity bag close by or nothing will go in there (INTJ)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • Pretty organised; actually, about 90% as my ESFP style report says it should (ESFP)
  • Like a high-end boutique, albeit quite a full one! Everything is organised by type and style of clothing as well as by colour.  Some categories have a lot in them (lots of dresses, for example), others are smaller sections – this determines how much space each section gets, and it does change over time as my wardrobe morphs (however slowly – not big on radical or quick change!).  I love being in my wardrobe, it’s one of my favourite rooms in the entire house!  (ESFJ)
  • All matching hangers, neat and tidy, I would like it to be High-end boutique, and to some, I suspect it probably is, and it’s big, I have lots of clothes! (ISFP)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • About once a month it is ordered by sleeve length, casual vs dressy, skirts all in one spot, pants together…and then it takes advantage of a system’s tendency to descend into chaos, until I straighten things up again. Everything is always on hangars, all laundered, etc., I just can’t keep it in order. Spent 5 minutes yesterday looking for the other shoe…(INFJ)
  • Well, for the moment (US summer) at least, chaos. In winter I had everything organized by color. Clothes on the top rack and color matching scarves/wraps artistically draped in appropriate spot on bottom rack. Green section got a bit tricky, as I only have one green scarf, LOL! Boredom + change of season + messy week = total change of system (INFJ)
  • Small, very organised by items and colour, all on non-slip hangers. Some open shelving with folded colour sorted basics and out of season. Everything ironed as soon as it’s washed. If an item has been worn but still clean to wear again, I hang it inside out. Shoe cupboard, handbag shelves. Handbags stuffed to keep their shape. Scarves hanging on a ladder and larger ones folded on a shelf.etc, etc. I also keep a separate hanging rail in the spare room for items that need some attention, alteration or didn’t fit when I went to wear it, or on probation. It sounds obsessive and is slightly, but is curated frequently and in spite of my intentions is sometimes ever so disheveled (INFJ)
  • Open ELFA rail and drawers. Everything in sight. Ordered by length and then color (ENFP)
  • 17 years ago I converted a small bedroom to a closet, and yet it still looks like a jumble sale (INFP)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • Mine is very organized. Closet is organized first by type of clothing (bottoms/tops/dresses), then by season (long/¾ /short/sleeveless sleeves for tops, Bermuda/long nylon/cotton/wool legged/skirts for bottoms), and then by color (white/ROYGBIV/grey/Black). Drawers have sweaters organized by cardigan vs. pullover, then by value based on the grey scale. Shoes are in clear shoeboxes on a closet shelf, organized by type (boot/bootie/dress pumps/flats/athletic) (ISTJ)
  • I have a very small closet. Mine starts out very organized and then needs some reorganizing as life happens – and laundry gets piled up, and then gets put away in a hurry. I used to swap seasons in another closet, but have been working on editing out my items to what fits / looks good / is actually worn (ESTJ)
  • Neat and overstuffed. Ordered by category, color, length. Kept that way as things are worn and put away, though a small collection that needs to be put away can gather for a week. Shoes in original boxes on shelves, tops folded ‘Kon Marie’ style and put in plastic drawers on the floor – sorted by style and color (ISTJ)
  • My wardrobe is fairly tidy. I have lots of hanging space, so it’s easy to see what I have. I separate by type and color. (ESTP)

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Get the Full Details on Your Style Type in Your Style Type Report

Your Super Style gives you the broad strokes but your Style Type Report gives you the details you need to really make a shift in your style, including how you think and feel about your style, and what your style motivators are — often it’s these “behind the scenes” factors which make all the difference in the world to how authentically stylish you feel and are – no more copying others or blindly following formula’s.

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