Exploring Super Styles – Who Taught You Style?

Most of us have some style education that we rely on, whether we consider ourselves ‘naturally stylish’ or not.  In our research we discovered that the Super Styles contain clues that tell us significant things about our approach to style.

We discovered that the four SF Style Aesthetician Style Types come to style the most naturally with a need for some form of beauty woven into their style DNA.  The ST Style Pragmatist usually has a learned approach that can be applied efficiently, whilst the NT Style Strategist takes a big picture approach to their style informed by credible and competent experts.  And finally the NF Style Dreamer is a values-aligned approach that either requires very little or very selectively chosen style input from others.

Who taught you style?

As you read through the responses to this question from our Facebook post, you may find yourself reflecting on your own answer.

We hope you’re enjoying this series of posts exploring the Super Styles, using the responses of real women exploring their real style!

Who Taught You Style?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • Still waiting (INTP)
  • I researched and studied it (INTJ)
  • Self taught via reading and 4-H. I figured there was some sort of big plan/info that I needed to learn to understand. Studied it in college and then discovered some books and magazines ( INTP)
  • Imogen Lamport! (ENTP)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • My gorgeous Mum & my imagination! (ESFP)
  • My friend Melissa (ESFJ)
  • My mother! (ESFJ)
  • Reading and trying things out at home (ISFJ)
  • Me, myself, mostly but also my friend Barbie and her cousin, Francie. Television, magazines, movies. The 80’s. A cousin. A favorite aunt. NOT my mother – or more correctly, my mother taught me the definition of non-style. I’m still learning, changing, refining, evolving… (ESFP)
  • Playing Barbies as a kid is probably where most of it started, although I had stylish women around me my whole life, each in her own different way, from my grandmother and mother, to my mum’s friend who taught me about grooming, my aunt who take me how to apply make-up, and an older friend who was the epitome of style when I was a teen – I didn’t want to be like her (even then I knew copying was the way to go), but I wanted to have her sense of confidence in her particular beauty (ESFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • Moi, Vogue, Mary Kay and Barbie! As a seven year old in the ‘60’s I read mother’s Vogue magazines, practiced the poses in front of the mirror, delved into her Mary Kay make up collection and was totally convinced I looked like Barbie! (INFP)
  • My friends Kay Stewart, Kim Paul, and Jill Chivers (INFJ)
  • Imogen Lamport and consequently…….. me! (INFJ)
  • We were very poor when I grew up, at that time my deserted mother – before there was a ‘deserted wife’s pension’ pre current title – only had one dress and a plastic raincoat that she wore out. I learned about seconds, op shops, remnants etc. at an early age. That you could buy a cheap nightie that could be used as an evening dress. In other words; create your own look (INFP)
  • Fine art exposure (ENFP)
  • Myself (ENFP)
  • No-one in particular. I use role models or characters eg. Maggie T,  Miss (Phrynnie) Fisher as inspiration. I have always kept changing my ‘style’ during different stages of my life, often due to weight changes. Also due to another style appealing more (INFP)
  • Myself (INFJ)
  • Magazines, books, blogs, observation. Studied painting, sculpture and anatomy (INFP)
  • Jill Chivers (ENFJ)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • Imogen! (ISTJ)
  • My mom taught me about staying up to date (and never having chipped nails or runs in your hosiery). My grandmother taught me a lot about fine details in sewing. Last – celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, and Princess Di (ESTJ)
  • My cousin who still takes me shopping and helps make sure I don’t get out of date too badly (ISTP)

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