How INFPs Choose Their Outfits – One True Thing #2

sweet bite-sized wisdom about your style and psychological type

Sweet, Bite-Sized Wisdom

Welcome to the second instalment of One True Thing: sweet, bite-sized wisdom about your Style Type.

Each bite-size piece of wisdom resembles liquorice all-sorts:  it’s small and sweet, it’s a similar size to the others, made of similar but not exactly the same ingredients, and different in some important way. You can check out One True Thing #1 here.

One True Thing #2

ISTPs and Paying Attention

They may need a pen and paper (and possibly graph paper) to categorize the really important stuff.

INTPs and Procrastination

May appear to be doing this, when in fact they’re incubating.

INFPs and Style

Their outfits are most likely to choose themselves rather than be chosen by the INFP!

ISFPs and Getting Hands-On

Too much head learning hurts the head, they need to be doing.

ISFJs and Excitement

May have a secret life of fantasy and exhilaration (real or imagined, experienced or read about).

ISTJs and Quality

Holds many things, people, projects, and pursuits to a very high standard. Self included, often most of all. .

INTJs and Following Up

Don’t pressure or push – they’re thinking about it.

INFJs and Saying No

Given enough time and the right incubation circumstances, it may turn into a yes.

INFPs have a peculiarly unique way of choosing the day's outfit - what is it?

ESTPs and Planning

They do their best planning by doing. Don’t ask them to tell you how an outfit can put together. Give them the pieces and challenge: Make an outfit out of this!

ENFPs and Optimism

Can often put a positive spin on almost anything – they just see the sunny side up.

ESFPs and Distraction

May find something interesting in their surroundings which amuses and diverts them.

ENTPs and Boredom

Even with everything they have going on (projects, challenges, endeavours) they can still be seeking more stimulation.

ESTJs and Best in Show

They love to excel. ‘Good enough’? – not nearly.

ENTJs and Play

Often competitive and achievement-focused and will play as hard as they work.

ENFJs and Overcommitting

May have an extremely full plate, running the full gamut from work/professional to volunteering to social to hobbies and leisure.

ESFJs and Encouragement

It is beyond impossible to be too supportive, too friendly, too encouraging, too appreciative.


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