Exploring Super Styles – What Would be Worse – Being Over-Dressed or Under-Dressed?

What would be worse, being over dressed or underdressed and how does that relate to your personality?


What you wear communicates information about you, your values and personality to others. The great news is that you get to choose what you wear and so you have the power to use this non-verbal form of communication every day. To subtly indicate to those who come into contact with you all sorts of information about your beliefs, your attitudes, your strengths, your authentic self.

Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport (two of the Style Types team) discuss in this video thoughts about who is more likely to be underdressed or overdressed and why

The way we dress has changed dramatically over the decades.  If you look back at images, or watch movies and TV shows from earlier eras, you can easily see how much more dressed up people were, 50 years ago, 70 years ago, and certainly 100 years ago.  Even those in the “serving classes” and those working class folk, wore jackets and hats!

How things have changed!  These days many people prefer to under-dress for fear of being over-dressed and “standing out”.  As workplace dress codes haves become more and more casualized, we have seen a shift toward more informal clothing in the workplace, even ‘serious’ workplaces such as law firms and finance.  Additionally, advances in fabric technology adds more and more comfort to everything you wear.  Imagine life before lycra!

Our goal here at 16 Style Types is to help women connect, or reconnect, with their authentic style and become their most stylish selves (here’s the #1 key to doing just that).  Asking interesting questions about how you perceived certain stylish elements is one great way to get that connection going!

In this series of posts, you’ll be reading the responses to our Facebook posts to this question, giving a new layer of understanding to how style and type intersect, through the lens of the four Super Styles.

What would be worse – being over-dressed or under-dressed?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • Interesting question. I momentarily thought either and then thought but it is not my problem if other people judge me. Still take time trying to get it right when picking what to wear and like getting it right.  (ENTJ)
  • I don’t usually feel myself underdressed, but sometimes feeling a bit overdressed. But then who cares😊. (ENTJ)
  • Underdressed because I’m standing out for the wrong reason. (INTJ)
  • Underdressed. (INTJ)
  • Overdressed is worse. (INTP)
  • Underdressed. (INTP)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • Underdressed is worse. (ISFP)
  • Underdressed. (ISFP)
  • I like to be dressed just right. (ESFJ)
  • Underdressed is worse by a long shot. (ISFJ)
  • Worse being under-dressed. (ISFJ)
  • Definitely underdressed. (ESFJ)
  • Underdressed! (ESFP)
  • Underdressed.  (ESFJ)
  • Underdressed but can’t think when that’s happened in the my lifetime😉😂. (ESFJ)
  • Under. Show your style – who cares what others think? Their issue not mine. (ISFP)
  • Underdressed for sure. (ESFP)
  • Over dressed. (ISFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • I used to go home if either one occurred, but now I just compliment the others and blame my personal assistant🤣 for what I am wearing. (INFP)
  • Underdressed. (ENFP)
  • Underdressed. (INFP)
  • I’m usually a bit overdressed, but I live in a very casual country. (INFJ)
  • Depends by what degree . But overdressed and try too hard worse I think – certainly in writers circles . Don’t mind being different. (ENFP)
  • Overdressed. (INFJ)
  • Overdressed every time. (ENFJ) 
  • Usually worse overdressed, but depends on the situation. (ENFJ)
  • Underdressed. (INFP)
  • Overdressed. (INFJ)
  • II think being underdressed is worse (ENFP)
  • I’ve thought about this a lot. I’m INFP and for me I need to feel appropriate for the occasion, then I don’t really care what other people are wearing. If I’m not comfortable in my clothes then what others are wearing starts to be important. (INFP)
  • Under .(ENFJ)
  • Both but if I had to pick then underdressed… (ENFJ)
  • Overdressed – it looks like I’m putting myself above others and not as approachable. Underdressed and I can eventually blend in. (ENFP)
  • Depends how I feel on the day, but probably would dislike being underdressed. (INFP)
  • Underdressed. (ENFP)
  • Both (presumably). (INFJ)
  • Overdressed—I’m the one who changed at work so I wouldn’t be standing around in a suit at my children’s soccer games like those “other parents”. (INFJ)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • I spend so much time thinking about how to be ‘appropriate’ that I’d hate to be either over or underdressed. (ISTJ) 
  • I’d prefer to be overdressed than underdressed. (ISTJ) 
  • Being underdressed, for sure!!!! (ISTJ) 
  • Underdressed. (ISTJ) 
  • Under-dressed. I like to lead and not follow, so I would be rather be the most refined in a room. (ESTJ)
  • Overdressed. (ISTP)

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