Why Style is Not Shallow or Only Skin Deep

Why style is not shallow and beauty and fashion are more than skin deep

Is Style Shallow?

So many people will tell you that caring about your clothing is shallow and unimportant, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!  And of course, what is on the inside is important, but we have to get past the outside of you to experience the wonders of the inner you.  And it’s here that clothing (and image) plays an important role in communicating with the world around you who you are and what you stand for, as well as expressing an outward vision of how you perceive yourself.

Because our clothing covers our naked body, it protects us in many ways – physically, mentally and emotionally.  What you wear is not shallow in any way as it performs many functions, from the physical (keeping you warm,  making sure you’re protected from the elements, allowing you ease of movement), to the mental (expressing your competence and intelligence, showing respect, expressing that you understand the impact of how you appear) to the emotional (making you feel great, expressing your mood, expressing your personality).

In fact, what you wear can change your life.  How you present yourself can open a door to an opportunity, or have it slammed in your face.  It may invite someone to feel closer to you or to push them away.  Even if you are getting dressed most days without care or thought, it’s still impacting on your life, whether you like it or not.   Research shows that when hiring decisions are made – when choosing between two candidates with the same qualifications and experience  – it’s good personal presentation that is the deciding factor.

But I Don’t Care What I  Wear

Even people who say “I don’t care what I wear” are still making decisions about which clothing they’ll buy for their wardrobe (they generally aren’t wearing wizard hats, chaps or moon boots as they make these statements) and what they choose to put on each day.   What you wear does change how others perceive you and approach you, and it also changes how you feel about you – whether you feel authentically you (or like you’re putting on a costume that is for a character, unlike you).

This is why your clothing is your second skin.  It’s the skin you show the world.

This is why discovering your style essence is so powerful – it will make your clothing selections and choices easier as it delves into the core of who you are and gives you a new tool to express that true and authentic self through your image to the world.

The Importance and Impact of Style from the 16 Style Types

What we’ve found really fascinating during our research into the 16 Style Types is how women of each type talk about the impact of style and the importance of it (and image) in their own lives.  Their comments are so insightful, they give a view into the many variations of style – how it can be perceived and how a woman approaches her style journey.

So we thought we’d share some quotes from women of a few different Style Types, in their own words about how they view style, it’s impact and influence.

How you dress is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. I want to look how I feel on the inside. Don’t be afraid to be unique. ENTJ

We are our own shop window. Brand is your you, you are your own shop window. Your credibility is decided. People decide whether to go in or out, so if you look dodgy people will pass by. ENFJ

People make judgments no matter what. Some are harsh, exclusionary, some are about trust. INTP

I think fashion is a box and I don’t want to be boxed.  Whatever I like I wear.  I want it to be different.  ISFP

Style is wanting to be ‘appropriate’ but ‘individual’ at the same time. INFJ

My wardrobe is an expression of myself and a way to express my individuality. INTJ

Most important—clothes are appropriate. If I think I’m inappropriately dressed I could open up a hole in the ground and fall through it. ESTJ

It’s a statement about who I am in the world, about color, shape, attitude—the whole thing.  INFP

I like to be one of a kind and when I walk into a room, I plan to be the one everyone asks, “Where did you get that dress from?” or “You look incredible”.  ESFP

My wardrobe, jewelry and makeup are all working to help me look and feel the best that I can.  ESTP

Style is a first impression, the way you get to define yourself to the people around you. Communicating yourself in a visual way to people who don’t know you and if they do know you, it’s a way to express yourself and fit into an environment.  ISFJ

I love it when a conversation is started because of how I’m or the other person is dressed.  When women come up to me in the street to say “I love what you’re wearing” or “You look fabulous”, it makes my day.  This may seem shallow but it’s less about how I look and more about how I feel about myself – and  feeling good about myself is no laughing matter. ESFJ

Looking presentable and respectable. Presenting my personality in a visual way that matches my mood, putting my best foot forward while not standing out. ISTJ

As far as I’m concerned, the only style rule should be it should be well-made and fit well. ISTP

Style for me is when I feel vibrant, my inside and my outside match. I’m pretty vibrant inside, so if I have that resonance between what I’m wearing and how I view the world—optimistically, energetically, playfully, that’s best.  ENFP

It’s important and has to be congruent with who you are…I feel like it’s something deeply psychological.  You’ve got to get everything set so you can let it all fade into the background so then you can focus on the moment.  ENTP

Why style is not shallow and beauty and fashion are more than skin deep

If you want to get into the core of your style – so that you can find out just what kind of style will feel most natural and authentic to you – discover it’s true value in your life – then do head over to get your Style Type Report here.

For me there is much gold in the report, and I feel it has added the elusive missing piece to my style puzzle. How much easier to have this while working on figuring out one’s style. INTJ

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