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ISFJ style type,

Gentle people with a need for stability and harmony, ISFJs bring a quiet sense of beautiful industriousness to the world’s they inhabit.  Their style essence balances a need to fit in and not be noticed for the “wrong” reasons (such as having the “wrong” outfit on) with a need to be of service to those people and projects she values.

ISFJ Style Essence

ISFJs Create Lovely Combinations

An eye for detail and a bent for the beautiful come together in the ISFJs style: she creates lovely combinations that bring a gentle smile to the face of those she encounters.  ISFJs are not daring risk-takers in the arena of style, that simply isn’t their way.  But they do bring us in, welcome us and make us feel comfortable with a gentle reassurance that makes us feel safe.

Style Tranquility

Never ones to pronounce or push their opinions into the world, neither does the style of the ISFJ shout or call attention.  Instead, their style has a tranquil quality to it, the colors are calming, the silhouettes are serene, the details are dignified.  It’s all of a set, and it supports the equanimity the ISFJ brings to every other part of her life. The ISFJ style never leaps out at you, demanding attention, you may not even recall what your ISFJ friend or colleague was wearing today – you just recall how stress-free and good-natured your time together was.

ISFJs Know What Works Well

More than any other style type, ISFJs value what has worked well in the past when it comes to many aspects of their life, including style.  If an outfit works well for them, it may become a ‘set’, always worn together and in that same way.  Whilst this gives a great sense of security and reassurance, it can lead to style becoming a little staid – there’s room to mix it up even just a little bit, to keep things interesting.

The Harmonious Stylist, ISFJ: The Style Friend

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ISFJs are Always Practical and Pretty

ISFJs have a finely attuned sense of beauty.  They are often quite artistic (although they may not think of themselves that way and may actively declare they are “not creative”), with this artistic bent showing up in highly practical ways, such as creating beautiful websites, or stunning flower displays, or in designing a delightful living room or garden.

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