Discover How Form and Function Influence the ESTP Style Essence

How does an ESTP approach style? What is the ESTP Style Essence? Find out more with the ESTP Style Type Report - Click here to learn more

Spontaneous go-getters, ESTPs flourish when presented with problems and issues that require immediate attention.  Their style essence balances their need to be responding in the moment with that slightly mischief-making flavor ESTPs bring to most things, with the need to present a purposeful, perhaps more serious face to the world that looks beyond the immediate moment.  Style isn’t necessarily the most fun thing, but time and attention (and other resources) will be devoted to it once its utility and return-on-investment are established.

ESTP Style Essence

Improvising ESTP Style

ESTPs are excellent adaptors.  They were probably the inspiration for the phrase: making a silk purse from a sow’s ear.  They might combine, add, subtract or in some other way fashion a funky and fascinating outfit from existing and new pieces.

Style Blends

Adept at blending and combining, the ESTP approach to style trends is to observe then decide – what flatters, what matters, what can be ignored and left on the rack.  Excellent data gatherers, ESTPs use their highly attuned observational powers to quickly take in a vast array of information, then often just as quickly, decide what they’ll pay attention to.  Entire trends may be ignored, whilst others may be selectively utilized.

ESTPs Love Both Form and Function

ESTPs have no time for single-use items, which aren’t versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings, or in a variety of ways, or to achieve a variety of outcomes.  Their pragmatic nature sees them changing things up or reworking them entirely to gain every inch of mileage from each piece… and making an intriguing style statement into the equation.

The Resourceful Stylist, ESTP: The Style Explorer

How does an ESTP approach style? What is the ESTP Style Essence? Find out more with the ESTP Style Type Report - Click here to learn more

ESTPs Create a Refined Style System

Underpinning their easy-going pragmatic approach to most things is a refined system of thinking. ESTPs are able to categorize, synthesize and refine any system they encounter, and when applied to style this manifests in a personalized and often quite beautiful style approach.  It’s tailor-made for the ESTP using it and suits her perfectly – making style seem effortless and smooth.

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