Style Explorer ESTP Strengths

Style Adaptor ESTPs are observant and resourceful - two of their natural style strengths

Style Explorer ESTPs succeed when presented with problems and issues that require their immediate attention and are excellent troubleshooters. With their spontaneous and pragmatic approach to life, style is used in their expansive repertoire to get where they’re going, often at a clip. They have definite style strengths:

Resourceful Adaptations

Never ones to accept a limitation at face value, especially not in an area they find interesting, Style Explorer ESTPs will change up their look based on the resources they have to hand.

Other SPs are often good at this, too. There’s often something engineered in their look, something cleverly composed – old pieces made new again, a reworked item from a vintage find, items combined that most people would never imagine would look good together and yet they look fabulous. Our ESTP interviewee told us how she’s fashioned her father’s ties into a skirt, which she happily wore to work. Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of a committed and stylish Style Explorer ESTP.


Noticing things others may not, like other Sensing style types (but especially the SPs, those with Extraverted Sensing), Style Explorer ESTPs pick up on colors, cuts, silhouettes, and shapes.

This granular level of observation is gathered in a sweeping flowing way – it’s all taken in, seemingly at a glance. “Observe, observe, observe” is how one of our reviewers put it; there’s no such thing as too much style information!


There’s something beautifully streamlined about the Style Explorer ESTP approach to life, and by extension to style. Their Sensing function combined with the flavor of their Thinking, it’s so smooth and refined, crisp and to the point. It’s no wonder ESTPs are considered excellent salespeople – they present a confident pragmatism to the world, it’s all doable (and negotiable!).

Applied to style, the Style Explorer ESTP may present as sleek and smart. At its stylish best, color schemes may be dramatic or monochrome, fit will be perfect, accessories may be minimal but bold, grooming will be flawless.

Drawing Positive Attention

Like other Extraverted style types, Style Explorer ESTPs are often happy to be the center of attention and will deliberately draw attention to themselves. The unaware ESTP may not know how to harness this attention, but the conscious ESTP will use it wisely and well.

When the Style Explorer ESTP has an important message to convey, this becomes even more pronounced and the stylishly advanced ESTP will employ style as an important means of amplifying her message. Choosing items that accentuate, silhouettes that flatter, and colors that draw the eye, the overall look will augment and strengthen the Style Explorer ESTPs position.

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