Style Enigma INFJ Strengths

INFJ Strengths include a need for the unique and a set of self-determined style rules

Style Enigma INFJs seek uniqueness in many things, including their style. With their understated nature combining with a discerning vision, they don’t seek to stand out – but they do wish to have their ideas noticed. Some style strengths worth noting:


Style Enigma INFJs hold in their minds’ eye a vision – this vision may be for the world (NFs in general care about mankind), for their projects and for themselves. The stylish INFJ can often see so clearly what her most stylish self looks like, should be like, would be like – if she could only get the outside world to match what she sees.

This inner style muse should be relied upon and employed as an essential part of making a Style Enigma INFJ feel her authentic self.

Rules Are More Than Okay

Style Enigma INFJs like rules but it’s not any old kind of rules. These are boundaries they have chosen for themselves, style principles they have worked out – often through hard-won trial and error and making mistakes by buying and wearing things that feel just plain wrong and terrible.

These rules may include things like: no shiny fabric ever, no structured jackets, no color yellow, no dangly earrings. These are but a few examples in the infinite number of style boundaries the stylish Style Enigma INFJ may set for herself – and stick faithfully to. One of the 16 Style Types co-founders, Jane Kise, is a wonderful example of this – she knows what works for her, she’s developed her style rules, and she never breaks those rules, ever.

The Comfort Factor

Things simply must feel good, otherwise, the Style Enigma INFJ will not wear them. This may show up in style items such as fabrics – some fabrics simply feel better on the skin than others, through to accessories – some accessories dangle or clink and clunk or simply get in the way, through to shoes – heels may hurt and anything other than real leather may pinch and rub.

Comfort extends to the psychological and how an ensemble “feels” – is it a true expression of the Style Enigma INFJ? Is she trying too hard? Is she copying too closely? Has she abandoned an important style rule?

Unique Touches

Not the only iNtuitive style type to seek uniqueness, Style Enigma INFJs have a penchant for things that are different and for expressing uniqueness with her look. Whether it’s a necklace made from a rare stone set in an unusual way or an asymmetrical cut to the expected corporate attire, the stylish Style Enigma INFJ will want something about her look to be unique to her, that others won’t be wearing.

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