Exploring Super Styles – What’s Your #1 Shopping Criterion?

Great shopping rarely “just happens”.  Whether it’s conscious or not, there’s usually a set of shopping strategies that underpin shopping that truly works – that results in needed and loved items which bring something valuable to the wardrobe of the woman purchasing it. 

So knowing what your shopping strategies are is supremely useful, especially if you connect it to your personality.  Which is our entire focus here — identifying the style essence for each of the 16 personalities to create 16 Style Types  – truly a world-first approach to connecting style and psychology!

But we do more than that in this series of posts exploring the Super Styles  – we make it easy for you to stand back and take a big picture look at how you’re approaching your style through the lens of these four fabulous Styles:  the SF Style Aesthetician, the ST Style Pragmatist, the NT Style Strategist, and the NF Style Dreamer.

What’s Your #1 Shopping Criterion?

As you read through the following responses to our Facebook post to this question, consider what your #1 shopping criterion is!

What’s your #1 shopping criterion?

The Style Strategist – iNtuition and Thinking (NT)

  • Usually to find a specific item for a gap in my closet, although I am fussy about colour/style/fit, so if I find something I have been searching for I will pick it up when available (ENTJ)
  • Comfort but I think it’s my health issues that make that true. Not really sure what my personality says…maybe “is it versatile?” (INTP)

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The Style Aesthetician – Sensing and Feeling (SF)

  • Color tied with how the fabric feels (ESFJ)
  • Do I love it? (ESFP)
  • Is it my print or signature color? (ESFJ)
  • Absolutely color first! (ISFJ)
  • Comfort (ISFJ)
  • Do I madly love, love, love this item? (ESFJ)

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The Style Dreamer – iNtuition and Feeling (NF)

  • Comfort (INFP)
  • Multiple options (ENFP)
  • Comfort (INFP)
  • Comfort (INFJ)
  • Comfort (INFJ)
  • Fabulousness (ENFJ)
  • Comfort (INFP)
  • Comfort (INFJ)

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The Style Pragmatist – Sensing and Thinking (ST)

  • Loving it and loving how it looks on me (ISTJ)
  • Color (ESTJ)
  • Shopping list and only buy what’s on the list (ESTJ)
  • What will it go with? (ISTJ)

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