Style Chameleon ENTP Strengths

Style Chameleon ENTP likes to shake things up in her life - and her style

Style Chameleon ENTPs have moxie – big picture thinkers who connect the seemingly unconnectable, they boldly go where others can’t even see a path. Often considered natural entrepreneurs because of their enterprising approach to life, they have an enthralling set of style strengths.


Excellent at changing things up, Style Chameleon ENTPs have no fear of entering new style territory. Their look may change seemingly radically from one event and audience to another. Our ENTP interviewee told us how she could be the corporate hotshot during the day, in her power suit and heels, and in the evening, she’d transform into a sultry temptress for a date night with her partner. It makes complete sense to the ENTP to metamorphose in this way, it’s all part of the Style Chameleon ENTP approach to life – nothing is set in stone, everything is possible.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Like other Perceiving style types and many iNtuitives, Style Chameleon ENTPs are adept at pushing the boundaries (or obliterating them entirely), shaking things up, disrupting and challenging. It’s all part of what makes them the force du jour they so often are in the world’s they inhabit.

When it comes to style, the stylishly advanced ENTP turns this into a strength by devising new ways of crafting her look even if it must be within an established dress code, or in adding a touch of drama to her look. Done well, there’s something oh so hip about the Style Chameleon ENTPs look.

Impression Management

Highly skilled influencers, Style Chameleon ENTPs are great at managing – and sometimes manipulating – the impression they create. Their engaging Extraverted iNtuition combines with Introverted Thinking to present the unexpected and marvellous, something innovative and clever. ENTPs are never so much at their best when working a room, sharing ideas, talking and being listened to. They can be staggeringly funny. And they’ll use their look to help manage and mould, finesse and fabricate whatever impression they seek to make at that time, for that purpose, with that audience.

Those Big Ideas

You can’t talk about ENTPs without talking about their big ideas. It’s such a hallmark of this style type, conceptualizing, seeing new possibilities, being energized by challenges (other NPs have some of this too). The Style Chameleon ENTP style taps into this in an attitudinal way – the stylishly advanced ENTP wants to get her style correct (she knows her competency will be evaluated in part by how she presents herself) but then she wants to move onto other things. Big things.

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