Key Style Questions to Ask Yourself When in Self-Isolation based on your Psychological Type

Key Style Questions to Ask Yourself When in Self-Isolation based on your Psychological Type

Have you thought about your style during this time of social isolation and COVID-19? How has it changed? What are some of the warning signs from your style that indicate you might be heading for depression or just not coping too well?

Jill Chivers, Jane Kise and Imogen Lamport got together to make this Facebook Live video as we know that resilience is important and feeding our emotional, spiritual and relational needs during this time, and part of this is self-care.  Your style is part of your self-care routine.


Styling From Home – some thought and feeling starters:

  • Playing around with outfit options – what new ensembles can you create? How can you use this enforced isolation time to get back in touch with items you love, items that can be upcycled or recombined to create new-to-you outfits… or even putting those “only for good” items to use, even if you’re the only one to enjoy them…
  • Wardrobe organization – how you can change up or make better use of or beautify your space, using the COVID19 enforced isolation time as exploration/playing time in your closet?
  • Culling – how can you look at what you already have through fresh eyes? What ‘letting go’ decisions can you make? What other ‘letting go’ that you’re doing in your life right now because of the health crisis could you apply to your wardrobe, and to your style?
  • Getting ready for the day process – how can you approach getting dressed for the day with a fresh perspective, whether you’re working from home and ‘on show’ (Zooms etc) or nobody sees you but you… How can you use your getting ready for the day process as a morning routine that sets you up to feel good about the day?
  • Maintenance and wardrobe appreciation – how you can take care of what you have, now that you may not be bringing in new things as frequently or abundantly as previously (if at all)?  How can you apply ‘standards of care’ that you’re using elsewhere in your life due to the health crisis to your clothing and your overall style?
  • New purchases – how can you rethink (or re-feel) your approach to new items? Are you still shopping, and if so how has it changed since the COVID19 crisis started? How is it working out for you?  What new ways of thinking about shopping and consumption, in general, can you bring into your authentic style expression as new habits, for the new world that is surely being created as a result of this health crisis?
  • Future-proofing and planning for the future – how can you approach known and expected wardrobe gaps in the current situation? What might you need in future, as much as you can predict or guess the future?  What attitudes would you like to adopt about clothing, shopping, and style, as an impact of all you’ve experienced, imagined, thought, and felt about the COVID-19 global health situation, and its local impacts?
  • Enoughness – how can you tap into feelings of gratitude and ‘enoughness’ so that you feel satisfied, at peace, and happy with what you have now? Can you divert any feelings for ‘newness’ into other areas of your life during this COVID19 crisis?  What feels like ‘enough’ for you, when it comes to your authentic style?

You’ll find all the questions that we asked during this video for each type in this post – Questions to Ask to Kickstart Your Style.

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Key Style Questions to Ask Yourself When in Self-Isolation based on your Psychological Type

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